White Fillings

White Fillings Q&A

Are white porcelain fillings as strong as metal amalgam fillings?

Yes, today's porcelain fillings use hard, durable materials designed to be just as strong as traditional metal fillings, and the adhesives used in the porcelain filling process help ensure a long-lasting, deep bond with the tooth surface, preventing bacteria from invading the space below the filling where they can cause decay. The bonding process also strengthens the existing tooth instead of weakening it over time as can occur with metal fillings.

Can I have a tooth-colored filling placed over an existing metal filling?

No, porcelain fillings use a special adhesive aimed at providing a superior bond. In order to work properly, any old filling as well as decay must be removed prior to having the porcelain filling placed. Because old metal fillings can become loose over time, removing them also ensures all evidence of decay and damage also are removed for a superior and long-lasting result.

What happens during the filling procedure?

First, any old filling material and decay will be removed from your tooth, and the surface of the tooth will be prepared for the new tooth-colored filling material. Measurements and an impression will be made of the cavity to ensure your new porcelain filling fits securely. A temporary filling will be put in place to protect the cavity while the porcelain filling is being crafted. Once the filling is made, a special bonding agent is applied to the tooth surface and the filling will be placed into the cavity and allowed to cure or “set.” Finally, the filling will be gently shaped for the most comfortable fit.

Can I have “laughing” gas?

Yes, Dr. Refoa provides nitrous oxide (“laughing” gas) for patients who have significant anxiety about dental treatments like fillings or who prefer not to have shots.  

Major Insurance Plans Accepted

We accepted tranditional dental plans. As a courtesy to our patients, we file claims for you as well. We also have private dental insurance available. 

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  • Major Credit Cards
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