Anti Aging Dentistry

Anti-Aging Dentistry Q&A

How can dentistry make me look younger?

Your smile says a lot about you – probably more than you think. Dull, yellow or dingy teeth, teeth with chips and cracks, and worn, broken or missing teeth can all combine to make you look older and more worn out. Cosmetic procedures aimed at correcting these and other issues can help you regain a more youthful appearance by restoring teeth to their most attractive state and removing visual evidence that comes from years of wear and tear. Plus, having a great-looking smile can help you feel more confident and energized.

How can crowns and veneers help my smile look more youthful?

Crowns and veneers cover your natural teeth – either completely (crowns) or just the front surfaces (veneers) to hide large, discolored fillings, correct worn surfaces, hide deep staining, pits and cracks in the tooth surface, correct gaps and uneven surfaces, and restore your smile to a much healthier and more attractive appearance.

What are dental implants?

Tooth loss can be an embarrassing part of getting older. Dental implants are an alternative to dentures and bridges, replacing one or more missing teeth with prosthetic teeth that are anchored in your jaw. They're easier to care for than dentures or fixed bridges, and there's no danger of slippage or sore spots on your gums. They're a popular way to replace teeth while helping you feel more confident and youthful.

What happens during teeth whitening?

Dr. Refoa offers both in-office whitening treatments and take-home trays so you have a choice in the type of whitening you prefer. Many patients opt for both types – in-office treatments for immediate results combined with take-home trays to keep teeth looking their best between visits. Dr. Refoa can discuss the benefits of each type of treatment during your visit.
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Major Insurance Plans Accepted

We accepted tranditional dental plans. As a courtesy to our patients, we file claims for you as well. We also have private dental insurance available. 

Types of Payment Option - 

  • Major Credit Cards
  • Special Payment Plans
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